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CEOL DO BHEOIR was formed as an outcome of the original Binghamton Irish Session (aka known as the Carriage House Players).  With a goal of sharing and purveying Irish music culture,  they meet in the time honored seisiun format, playing traditional Celtic melodies in medleys presented on traditional Irish instruments.

Curt Osgood,  playing hammered dulcimer,  has been involved in folk and traditional music styles since the age of 15.  His interest in “northern and contra dance music” steered him towards the Celtic Session communities,  where he has learned numerous reels, jigs, and hornpipes.  Osgood performs at coffeehouses, festivals and other venues.

Walter Carlip is an Irish fiddler and session player.  He was a founding member of the Massachusetts based band, Banish Misfortune.  He has developed his fiddling style by studying under numerous Irish Fiddle Masters.

Sarah Gerk has trained professionally on the clarinet.  She picked up a tin whistle about 5 years ago and finds it hard to ever put down.  She adds a spirited wind to the bands presentations and with her flute a soulful and gentle grace.

Scott Craver has been playing concertina for nearly twenty years.  He is an engineering professor at Binghamton University,  and works with students to invent new and unusual musical instruments.

Jim MacWilliams, won first place at the Winfield Kansas Competition and has appeared about the northeast as well as out at the Midwest.  He is known for numerous guitar backup styles.